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The Restoration

The House


It all started in August 2006, we were on  a long awaited trip, revisting the areas my parents had grown up.  Camped in Beckley we were on our way to Belva, traveling Rt 60 through  Ansted and all of the sudden there it was. This once glorious, hugh,  Victorian sat there empty, lonely, in disrepair and deteriorating, and  it had a hugh "For Sale" sign. "Honey stop!", and my husband did. The  house won us over right at that moment.

The house became ours November of 2006. We began an intense restoration  in the Spring of 2007, we have had a few hic-ups along the way and even  tried to sell it twice, but, the house will not let go of our hearts.  

 The restoration began with the chimney's,  they all had to be taken down to below the roof line and rebuilt. Using  new bricks they were restored to original condition.

 All the paint was removed from the house  using scrapers, heat guns and sanders. Siding that had to be replaced  was milled to match the original. All the porches were rebuilt with Oak.  The cut stone foundation had been removed and the stones sold, we  scavanged enough cut stone to complete to new foundation and it was all  put in place by an expert mason. A new roof, period paint and rain  gutters complete the exterior.

  The interior had major plaster damage.  The upstairs rooms all needed redone, first by removing the old  wall/ceiling paper and repairing the plaster. We are about 90% complete  in this area. Period paper will be installed. 


The two upstairs bath rooms, which were both gutted at the time we  purchased the home, have new oak floors, claw foot tubs and period wall  paper.

The kitchen is the next major undertaking. The original kitchen has not  been used for many years, all that remains in it is a sink. The small  kitchen which was in the add on part of the house has served us well,  small and without cabinets and only one outlet on the stove, it has been  a bit of a challenge at times. Although many good meals have come out  of it.

We hope to have the house up and running for tours and special events by summer 2011.